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Reach Your Customers This Holiday Season

November 9, 2021
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Black Friday is just about here (Check out our Black Friday special below!), and if you aren’t ready to reach your customers over SMS, you’re missing out on a big opportunity. With SMS you have full control over the channel and break through the noise, is a special channel unlike Google Ads or social media posts, you don’t need to outbid your competitors or rely on mysterious social media algorithms to get your message across.

Instead, your messages are sent by you, at the perfect time to your database of interested customers.

Hitting Send and getting your messages out there has never been easier. Ecommerce merchants can integrate MessageWhiz into their CRM or simply find MessageWhiz in the Shopify app store. Other business owners can use the can use the  MessageWhiz web portal.

We’ve added two great new tools that will help you save money this holiday season.

Click Through Rate Thresholds

This is one of the most exciting tools in the SMS market because it takes advantage of the instantaneous nature of SMS. Rather than sending out mass untested communications to thousands of customers, MessageWhiz breaks your list into several chunks. After sending the initial message, it delays sending out the next batch for a few minutes, so you can see the type of response your message is getting.

If the clicks reach your preapproved threshold, the next batch will automatically go out. If your response rate is lower than expected, the messages are put on hold, giving you the opportunity to tweak your message.

Number Verification

Nothing is more disheartening than paying for messages that are undeliverable. We built a Number Verification tool into our platform, which checks your phone list against the global mobile phone database.

Upload your list, click on the Number Verification button, and you’ll know in minutes if your phone list is valid. Say goodbye to wasting money on non-existent phone numbers.

It doesn’t take a big investment to start sending messages to your customers. This holiday season, use SMS to reach your holiday sales goals.

Black Friday Special

For first time customers, we’re offering a Black Friday deal of our own. Take 25% off your messages through the end of November.  Talk to our customer rep to get started!