Go Beyond Text with Viber

Take conversational commerce to the next level with Viber. Connect with 2-way conversations, special offers, and chatbot support so your customers are always engaged.

Businesses Can Be Friends Too

Have memorable one-on-one conversations that drive business growth

A Better Textual Experience

Deliver personalized, branded messages to each customer, making them feel unique. Viber’s rich media tools help you make a real impression.
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 -H 'Authorization: {bearerToken}' \
 -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
 -H 'Accept: application/json' \
 --data-raw '{
       "type": "VI",
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Viber Business Messaging API Includes Programmable Support

Integrate Viber into your existing system through the API and add rich features and robust analytics into your messaging campaigns and conversations

Always Ready For You

2-way chatbots keep you operational 24/7. Reduce costs and provide always-on availability.

Safety First

Our Customer Success Managers will take you through the business account setup process, helping you get the coveted Blue Tick that let’s your customers know they can trust you.

Viber Business Messages Pricing

Requires 2 way chat subscription
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Viber pricing is based on per message or conversation pricing, with a minimum monthly commitment per registered business number. It also has 3 different types of messages, each of which are priced differently.
Minimum Monthly Commitment

Viber business customers on Messagewhiz have a minimum monthly commitment of 200€ per month which is calculated from the costs of the messages or conversations sent from the account per the published Viber business messaging rates. Messages or conversations sent after the minimum monthly commitment has been met, are charged on a per message or conversation basis.
Using MessageWhiz and Viber

MessageWhiz does not charge an additional service fee. However, businesses using MessageWhiz must subscribe to 2-Way Conversations to use the service. For more, please contact our Sales Team.

Per Message Fees

Business customers are assessed either a per message or per conversation fee, depending on the type of message being sent. By segmenting the different types of conversations, you can optimize your Viber messaging costs, as the exact price is based on the type of the message or conversation and the end destination location. To calculate your fees please check the Viber business messaging rates here.

Transactional Messages

These messages are informative and are used to notify customers about changes or events within their account. They could include one-time passwords, order statuses, booking confirmations, appointment reminders and other alerts. Pricing is per message.

Promotional Messages

These messages keep customers informed on your promotions. They can be sent in bulk for things like storewide sales or to individuals, in the case of a loyalty program. These messages also include special offers, promotional codes, and discounts. Pricing is per message.


These messages are conversations between your business and customers. It can include customer support to help customers complete a purchase, solve a problem, or facilitate payment. Conversations are defined as up to 60 total messages between parties within 24 hours.

If a conversation begins at 9 AM on Monday and has 60 or fewer messages by 9 AM Tuesday, those messages are all part of one conversation. If another message happens at 9:30 AM on Tuesday, the is considered a second conversation and will be billed accordingly. Additionally, if a conversation has 75 messages in it within a 24-hour period, you will be charged for 2 conversations.