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Mobile Text marketing: Leave the messaging to us

MessageWhiz is a smart messaging app powered by MMDSmart. Our experienced team of industry veterans works with organizations to analyze their messaging strategy and provide them with a scalable plan to optimize the results of their text message campaigns based on their organization’s needs.

With careful planning of the routing, timing, and content, as well as analysis of the context in which the messages are being sent, MessageWhiz delivers more effective and compelling messaging campaigns via our intelligent, automated SMS messaging service. Using proprietary tools that analyze campaign success, our experts help our clients design SMS text marketing campaigns that are more effective in achieving the desired results and reaching their business goals.

Founded in 2007, MMDSmart pioneered SMS business marketing and smart messaging solutions, and is a leading global supplier of innovative communications products. With headquarters in Israel, and offices in Hong Kong, Nizhny Novgorod and Kyiv, MMDSmart has attracted the finest technical and professional staff, all focused on providing the highest quality service to partners and clients. MMDSmart is proud of the many Tier 1 companies from more than 100 countries around the world that have chosen MMDSmart to deliver their business' critical and highly sensitive communications. 

We stand behind our mission to help companies Connect. Engage. Smile.