Seamless Integration with Robust APIs

MessageWhiz’s robust APIs are easy to implement into your network, yet enable complex messaging usage.
The full-featured enterprise messaging solution includes all of the tools and resources to quickly implement a compelling mobile communications strategy. Choose your preferred integration method: View MessageWhiz's public API or download or link to the full documentation below
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About MessageWhiz APIs

MessageWhiz offers programmable SMS APIs so you can get maximum value from your messages. Use our APIs to manage lists, schedule broadcasts, configure triggers and much more.

Integration with Leading CRM Systems
MessageWhiz APIs enable seamless integration with your existing business processes. Integrate the MessageWhiz platform into your existing CRM or other customer management software, and your service team will have a full 360-degree view of every message, engagement and interaction with customers.
Dedicated API Customer Support
MessageWhiz is fully committed to ensuring you get the most out of your service. Our dedicated API supports bespoke API development for a wide variety of customer needs. Contact our experienced team today to generate better leads for your business!


No one likes talking to a customer service representative and having to retell their story again and again. With omnichannel SMS communications, every chat or text is included in the customer record, so your customers won’t ever have to repeat themselves.
And that is a smarter conversation.