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Faster Messaging.
Anywhere in the World

Create Integrated customer journeys over SMS WhatsApp Voice
via our cloud-based unified CPaaS platform

Account Security

Verify and authenticate users with one time passwords

Customer Relationship Building

Integrate with your CRM for precision one-to-one messaging

Cloud Services Designed for Better Results

Messaging Designed to Serve Business Needs

Engagement at Scale

Manage and engage groups, communities, or your whole list

Drive Sales

Share special offers, big sales, and loyalty programs

Fully Book Your Calendar

Verify appointments and fill available time slots

Tools to Improve Your CTR

Get the most out of your campaigns

A/B Testing

Compare results and optimize messaging

CTR Threshold

Only complete campaigns that deliver results

Message Personalization

Improve customer engagement and clicks

Two-Way Chat

Fulfill customer requests in real time

SMS Callback

Create synergy between messaging and call center

Get started right away with our easy integration

Tried and trusted by developers around the world. Build with confidence and boost your business – with just a few lines of code.
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Tried and trusted by developers around the world. Build with confidence and boost your business – with just a few lines of code.
Support with intuitive tutorials
Library with API documentation
Adaptable to popular code languages
See Documentation
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“I have had a great experience with MessageWhiz. The team promptly replied to all our queries, and the service always ran effectively and efficiently. MessageWhiz offers great value for money and it’s a truly superb service that I would highly recommend to anyone in need of a reliable SMS service.”
Crystel So
CEO Kreaton Technology Limited
“Our experience working with the
MessageWhiz team on our lead gen
campaigns has been awesome.”
Justin Andresen So
President, 237Next
“MessageWhiz was the perfect solution for our needs. They worked with us to optimize our message delivery, and the data that is fed into our CRM allows us to make better, more profitable decisions on every campaign that we run.”
Galaxy Gold
“We tried a number of suppliers and we’re happy to have discovered MessageWhiz. The system is easy to use, and the MessageWhiz platform delivered the highest CTR among SMPP and API connections, demonstrating the capability of the system.”

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