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MessageWhiz provides you with the flexibility you need when it comes to pricing. That’s why we offer both flat SMS rates and performance-based pricing models to our customers.

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Flat Rate Pricing

With MessageWhiz, we take pride in offering competitive messaging rates for the best quality routes in the industry. To check prices, try out our rate calculator below. Enter in the country you’re texting to see the price per text. Volume discounts are available.
Send SMS text messages to any registered mobile number for per message.

*Additional Network access fees may apply

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Performance-Based Pricing Models

MessageWhiz offers a number of performance-based pricing models, designed to ensure that your SMS messaging campaign reaches its target.
Whether you’re looking to build a subscriber list, generate leads, sell products, MessageWhiz has the pricing model designed to support your budget.
Type Description
Basic Performance Pricing

Working with a MessageWhiz rep, decide how you want to measure success. It can be by link clicks, software units installed, sales, new subscribers, new customers or new leads. Payout is determined based on results.

Hybrid Payment Model

Pay a minimal fee for each message sent. When campaign reaches the agreed upon target, pay the agreed upon payout.

Generally, the payout level is based on the ticket cost of the item and the level of risk taken by MessageWhiz

Risk-Free Model

Pay nothing unless the agreed upon targets are reached. Once those targets are reached, pay the agreed upon payout.

This payout is higher than the hybrid model, as MessageWhiz has assumed a greater degree of risk.

Profit Sharing

Pay a percentage of your profit margin for units sold.

Our one-of-a-kind pricing program gives you complete access to our tools, and you’ll work with SMS marketing leaders, who will help guide your campaign. Contact our support team to learn how our different pricing model can work for your business.
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MessageWhiz offers competitive A2P SMS rates. These rates are based on usage of our global partner network. For inquiries about our flat rate pricing, bespoke price quotes or volume pricing please contact your sales rep or use the Contact Us button to talk to our message specialists.
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