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Messaging for Hospitality Companies

July 3, 2024
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In the dynamic world of hospitality services, messaging stands at the cornerstone of effective customer relations. …

Enhance Guest Relations with Hospitality Messaging

Messaging in hospitality services stands as the cornerstone of effective customer relations. It presents a powerful communications channel where hospitality providers can build an authentic connection with their guests, leave a long-lasting impression, and foster loyalty for future stays.

Messaging, which can be done over SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, or any number of channels, allows hospitality companies to pre-emptively meet their customers’ needs. For instance, hospitality SMS is used to answer pre-booking questions, gather feedback, and generate additional revenue through value-add services, these powerful messages have a big role to play in the customer experience.

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Deliver an Outstanding Customer Experience

Effective messaging begins before customers even book a reservation. Using chatbots, you can automate messages to answer frequently asked questions relating to different properties that help lead to a booking. 

Once the property is booked, messaging can provide key information, such as check-in dates and times, and check-in instructions. It can also be used to see if the customer has any special needs, such as a crib or high chair. By the time your guests arrive, they will already feel comfortable with you as their host and are positioned to have a great stay. 

Generate Better Ratings

Five star ratings are invaluable to hospitality companies, while 1 star rooms can really hurt room rentals. Strategic messaging can help weed out dissatisfied customers before they post a public rating while encouraging those who enjoyed their stay to give that high rating. 

At the conclusion of their stay, message your guests to see if they were satisfied. Those who respond yes should be sent a link to the ratings page, with a request to leave their recommendation. Those who said no should be asked for their feedback. Care should be taken here to understand the issues that the customer had, and the reasons they were not satisfied. At the conclusion of the chat, they should be thanked for their feedback but not be asked to rate their stay. For many dissatisfied customers, the feedback provided will stop them from going onto the rating web page and giving a bad review. 

Increase Revenue with Value Added Services

Messaging can be used to increase revenue as well. Offer your customers extra services over messaging to help make their experience memorable. This can start before your customers arrive and carry on throughout their stay. For example, you can offer to fill the fridge before they arrive, so that when they get there the fridge is stocked with milk, fruit and vegetables, and other staples that they will enjoy.

During their stay, you can offer things like laundry pickup, daily cleaning services, boxed lunches, or breakfast delivery. Help them take their vacation to the next level with a private chef, a romantic evening complete with chocolate, flowers, or a spa arrangement. And don’t forget to offer them a personal trainer or massage package. 

Hospitality Messaging Templates to Get You Started

Messaging can really improve your business. Here are some tried and true hospitality messaging templates you can modify for your customers. And don’t forget to check out our latest eBook on messaging use cases for the hospitality industry!

Sure, here are additional text messages for each scenario:

1. Booking Confirmation:

Hello [Guest’s Name],

Thank you for choosing our services! We’re delighted to confirm your booking. Your reservation is confirmed for [dates] at [location]. If you have any questions or special requests, feel free to reach out. We look forward to welcoming you soon! (TIP:  If you’re communicating with a rich media channel like RCS or Whatsapp, also share photos of the actual accommodations that they’ve booked.)

2. Special Requests – Baby Package:

Hello [Guest’s Name],

We’ve received your request for a baby package including a crib and high chair. Rest assured, we’ll make sure these are set up in your accommodations prior to your arrival. Will you also need formula, diapers or other essentials? If you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help make your stay as comfortable as possible.

3. Check-in Instructions:

Hello [Guest’s Name],

As your check-in date approaches, we wanted to provide you with some important information. Check-in time is at [time] on [date]. Please note that [specific instructions, such as key pickup location or entry code]. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out. Safe travels, and we look forward to welcoming you soon! (TIP 1:offer to arrange pick-up or transfer transportation to bring them to your property.)

4. Pre-Check-Out Instructions:

Hello [Guest’s Name],

As your stay with us nears its end, we wanted to provide you with some pre-check-out instructions. Check-out time is at [time] on [date]. Please ensure that all personal belongings are gathered, and any dishes or utensils used are washed and put away. Kindly dispose of any trash in the designated bins. Additionally, please return any borrowed items or keys. We hope you’ve enjoyed your stay, and we look forward to hosting you again in the future!

5. Stay Feedback:

Hello [Guest’s Name],

We hope you had a fantastic stay with us! We value your feedback and would love to hear about your experience. Did you enjoy your stay with us? 

6. Private Chef:

Hi [Guest’s Name]!

We hope you’re excited for your stay with us. How about adding a touch of luxury to your experience? We can arrange for a private chef to create a personalized dining experience just for you. Let us know your preferences, and we’ll ensure every meal is a delightful culinary adventure tailored to your tastes. Reply with Yes for details.

7. Fill the Fridge:

Hey [Guest’s Name]!

We want to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible. Would you like us to stock the fridge with your favorite groceries before your arrival? Just send us your grocery list, and we’ll take care of everything. That way, you can relax and dive straight into vacation mode as soon as you arrive. Reply with Yes for more information.

8. Breakfast Delivery:

Good morning, [Guest’s Name]!

Starting your day off right is essential, especially during your stay with us. How about enjoying a delicious breakfast delivered right to your doorstep each morning? Whether you prefer something light or hearty, we’ll ensure you have the perfect start to your day, hassle-free. Reply with Yes for details.

9. Boxed Lunches:

Hello [Guest’s Name]!

Are you planning any adventures during your stay? Don’t forget to pack a tasty lunch! Let us know your preferences, and we’ll prepare delicious boxed lunches that you can take with you on your excursions. That way, you can explore to your heart’s content without worrying about where to find a meal. Reply with Yes for details. 

10. Snack and Drink Packages:

Hi [Guest’s Name]!

We know how important it is to stay fueled and hydrated during your stay. Would you like us to arrange some snack and drink packages for you? From refreshing beverages to tasty treats, we’ll ensure you have everything you need to keep your energy levels up throughout your visit. Reply with Yes for details.

11. Alcohol Packages:

Hey [Guest’s Name]!

Are you in the mood to indulge during your stay? How about treating yourself to one of our curated alcohol packages? We have a selection of fine wines, spirits, and other beverages that we can deliver straight to your accommodations. Cheers to a wonderful stay! Reply with Yes for details.

12. Massage:

Hi [Guest’s Name]!

Relaxation is key to a perfect getaway, and we’re here to ensure you have the most rejuvenating experience possible. Would you like us to arrange a massage for you during your stay? Our skilled therapists will help melt away your stress and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Reply with Yes for details.

13. Personal Trainer:

Hey [Guest’s Name]!

If you’re looking to stay active during your stay, we’ve got you covered. How about booking a session with one of our personal trainers? Whether you’re looking for a customized workout plan or just some motivation to get moving, our trainers will help you stay on track with your fitness goals. Reply with Yes for details.

14. Tourist Information:

Hey [Guest’s Name]!

Explore your destination like a local with our tourist information service. From must-see attractions to hidden gems, we’ll assist with your bookings and provide you with insider tips and recommendations to make the most of your trip. Reply with Yes for details.

15. Event Ticket Ordering:

Hey [Guest’s Name]!

Catch all the excitement with our event ticket ordering service! Whether it’s a sporting event or a concert, we’ll help you secure tickets to the hottest events in town so you can enjoy live entertainment during your stay. Reply with Yes for details.

16. Laundry Pickup:

Hey [Guest’s Name]!

Don’t let laundry chores get in the way of your fun. Our laundry pickup service offers convenient and hassle-free solutions, so you can spend less time worrying about chores and more time enjoying your trip. Reply with Yes for details.

17. Romantic Package:

Hey [Guest’s Name]!

Surprise your loved one with a romantic getaway they’ll never forget! Our romantic package includes indulgent treats like chocolates, flowers, and spa arrangements to set the mood for a perfect romantic retreat. Reply with Yes for details.

18. Children Package:

Hey [Guest’s Name]!

Traveling with kids? Our children package offers a range of amenities and services to keep them entertained and comfortable during your trip. From games and toys to kid-friendly snacks, we’ve got everything you need for a family-friendly vacation. Reply with Yes for details.

19. Daily Cleaning:

Hey [Guest’s Name]!

Keep your space fresh and tidy with our daily cleaning service. Our dedicated cleaning staff will ensure your accommodations are clean and welcoming throughout your stay, so you can relax and enjoy your trip without worrying about chores. Reply with Yes for details.

20. Airport Pickup:

Hey [Guest’s Name]!

Arriving in a new city can be stressful, but our airport pickup service makes it easy. We’ll greet you at the airport and provide comfortable transportation to your accommodations, so you can start your trip off on the right foot. Please click on this link to book. Reply with Yes for details.

21. Plug Adaptors:

Hey [Guest’s Name]!

Don’t let incompatible plugs ruin your trip. Our plug adaptor service offers a selection of adaptors to ensure you can easily charge your devices no matter where you are. Reply with Yes for details.

22. Pocket Wi-Fi Hotspot:

Hey [Guest’s Name]!

Stay connected on the go with our pocket Wi-Fi hotspot service. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, our portable Wi-Fi devices provide fast and reliable internet access so you can stay connected wherever you are. Reply with Yes for details.

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