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MMDSmart Revamps Jogabets’ Messaging Strategy: A Success Story in Boosting Efficiency and Trust

May 22, 2024
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Jogabets, the leading online sportsbook operator in Mozambique, has set the bar high for sports betting and gaming entertainment. …

Jogabets, the leading online sportsbook operator in Mozambique, has set the bar high for sports betting and gaming entertainment. However, the company faced a significant challenge with its messaging provider, struggling to consistently achieve a high delivery rate for promotional and customer verification messages. Additionally, the use of unsecured routes by the messaging provider prevented Jogabets’ brand from appearing as the sender for all messages, impacting brand trust.

Jogabets identified a crucial gap in its communication strategy as its messaging provider fell short in ensuring reliable message delivery. The need for a solution that would not only boost delivery rates but also secure the SenderID became imperative for maintaining customer trust and engagement.

Enter MMDSmart, a seasoned player in the betting and gaming industries, leveraging its deep experience to address Jogabets’ communication challenges. The MMDSmart team conducted a thorough analysis of Jogabets’ requirements, identifying the right use cases and alternative routes to improve the delivery rates of all message types. Crucially, MMDSmart implemented local routing by registering Jogabets as a local company in Mozambique, aligning with Jogabets’ localized approach.

The collaboration with MMDSmart yielded impressive results for Jogabets. The most significant achievement was the enhancement of the delivery rate and the brand presence of Jogabets as the SenderID for all messages. This not only fortified brand trust but also contributed to higher conversion rates and improved action responses from customers.

By implementing MMDSmart’s solutions, Jogabets experienced a remarkable 34% increase in the efficiency of its campaigns. The use of local routes also played a pivotal role, resulting in a substantial 27% reduction in costs. Furthermore, the integration of MMDSmart’s  number validation service  enabled validating new phone numbers in real time during the registration process, contributing to the expansion of the company’s customer database.

Vasco Jafar, Marketing Manager of Jogabets, expressed his satisfaction with the partnership, stating, “With the communication strategy and pool of services that we created with communication industry experts from MMDSmart, we managed to get maximum involvement from our investors and get projects done even before the deadlines.”

The success story of Jogabets and MMDSmart exemplifies the transformative impact that strategic communication solutions can have on businesses. By addressing the messaging challenges head-on, Jogabets not only improved its operational efficiency but also fostered stronger connections with its customers. As the collaboration continues to unfold, the partnership between Jogabets and MMDSmart stands as a testament to the power of tailored communication strategies in the competitive world of online sports betting and gaming.

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