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3 Ways to Send a Message to Multiple Contacts on WhatsApp

April 6, 2021
3 Ways to Send a Message to Multiple Contacts on WhatsApp

3 Ways to Send a Message to Multiple Contacts on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular messaging applications, available in over 180 countries with more than 2 billion registered users and over 100 billion messages sent each day. The platform is robust, with features that include status updates, search functionality, and encryption to keep your message safe. It can be used for chatting, video and audio calling, voice messages, and image sharing and can be a valuable addition to any company’s text messaging strategy.

It’s important to remember that while its reach is impressive, your customers may be using other messaging apps or have not downloaded WhatsApp, so it should be incorporated into your enterprise messaging as a complementary channel to the native messaging app such as SMS or RCS.  With an omnichannel communication and messaging platform like MessageWhiz, you can easily use WhatsApp to transmit messages to any of your customers, or to multiple recipients. WhatsApp has three tools allowing users to message multiple recipients at the same time.

#1 Group Chats

Perhaps one of WhatsApp’s most popular features, the group chat allows administrators to create groups of people and message them together. Use the feature to create different groups of customers. For instance, a food truck might create groups based on geography, and send out messages letting people in different areas know to come on out and grab a bite.

Group messages for WhatsApp can be configured in different ways. You can set it up so that only the admin of the group can share posts or allow anyone to post. Groups have a name, making it easy for your recipients to have some context when they receive messages, and you can add a logo or image to help personalize the conversation.

Admins can add recipients to their groups or share an invite link to others. You can add that link to your website or email marketing, to help grow your groups.

There are a few important things to remember when using groups. First, everyone in the group has access to the phone numbers in the group, even in groups where only an admin can post. Second, any message sent out can be seen by everyone, and can only be deleted by the person who sent it out. Third, individuals can opt of the group at any time.

As with any text messaging campaign, be sure to get your recipient’s permission before adding them to the group, and be sure that messages you send add value for your recipients.

#2 Broadcast Lists

Broadcast lists have some of the benefits of group chats, as well as some disadvantages. Essentially, a broadcast list is a list of recipients who all receive an individual message. Recipients can respond directly to you, without anyone else seeing the message.

There isn’t any configuration needed, and the name on the chat window would be whatever name you are listed as in your recipient’s phone.

The biggest drawback to using Broadcast Lists is that your message will only be seen by someone who already has your contact card in their phone. If you aren’t in their phone, your messages won’t be received, so this method is only effective if you know your recipients have saved your contact details in the past.

If you have an existing Broadcast List, you can touch the Broadcast List link on the top of your chat window. You’ll see a list of all your Broadcast Lists. Select the list you want to use, type your message, and click send. To create a new list, simply touch New List on the bottom of the screen, add your recipients, and touch create. Then, type your message and click the send button.

Broadcast lists are a great way to share messages to large groups of people without letting everyone see your contact list, and without subjecting all your recipients to irrelevant responses from people within the list.

#3 Forwarding Messages

The last way to share with large groups of people is to forward a message. Using this feature, you take a message from one chat window, and hold it down until you see an options menu pop up.

Click Forward, and then you can choose and group or individual in your phone to receive the message. There are a few benefits to this methodology. First, unlike Broadcast Lists where your message only arrives if you are a contact, anyone you click on will receive a forwarded message. Second, you’re not committed to sending a forwarded message to a preset list. You can simply choose the relevant recipients and send it to them.

A Powerful Communication Tool

Integrating WhatsApp in your customer communications strategy enables an additional option to communicate with large groups of your customers. Contact us today to find out how MessageWhiz can help you optimize your WhatsApp messaging campaign, reach your customers, and grow your business.