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Tactical Messaging Tools to Drive More First Time Deposits

June 16, 2022
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Messaging has come a long way from one-directional text messages sent to a user’s phone. Advanced levels of interactivity provide FinTechs and other call center-driven sales platforms with two new tactics for generating new deposits and improving the ROI and efficiency of the call center.

Callback When Your Customer Is Engaged

Broker agents face a challenge every time they dial a prospective trader. They want the call to generate results, but they have no way of knowing any customer context around the call. They may be interrupting an important conversation, work activity, therapy session, or TV binging, so the agent must spend time on background information to put the call into context. Often, that results in hang-ups and disinterested customers.

However, SMS Callback from MessageWhiz changes the context of the call. Potential traders receive text messages with details of the offering, and are invited to click a link. After clicking the link, they see message that an agent will be in touch right away.

Meanwhile, on the back end, an available agent receives a notification that there is a hot prospect ready to talk. Any available CRM information is available to the agent, who can call knowing full well that the person on the other end of the line is ready to talk business.

Load Management Techniques

Call center managers are involved in a constant balancing act, ensuring that there are enough agents available to handle the volume of incoming calls without having too many agents sitting around and waiting for the phone to ring.

Load Management by MessageWhiz is connected to the call center switchboard. It uses an algorithm to modulate the messages being sent out based on agent availability. When calls are coming in slowly, it increases the pace of messages to drive more traffic in real time. As the call center heats up, the messaging tools slow down, to regulate the flow of callers.

Improving Call Center ROI

SMS Callback and Load Management both are key drivers in reaching a sustainable ROI for call centers. They adapt to needs of the call center, making it more efficient and improving operations.

Learn more about our messaging call center tools. Talk to your customer success agent for more.