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An SMS Marketing and Ecommerce Guide for Online Business

January 25, 2021
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SMS is an effective tool for driving customers to ecommerce sites. When used effectively, it can drive sales, build brand loyalty, and improve business processes. Here are 5 ways ecommerce retailers are using SMS in 2021.

Promoting Special Events

Text messages sent out to bulk subscriber lists are a great tool for promoting upcoming sales, special offers, or grand openings.

In addition, marketers are targeting individual, more personal milestones,  and promoting them through SMS. For example, birthday or anniversary rewards can be sent directly to individuals, helping them celebrate while building brand loyalty.

Product Updates

These updates can be sent to segmented sections of your subscriber base rather than mass blasts that go to everyone. Like special events, updates like a new line of children’s clothes can be sent to a large segment of customers who have purchased clothes for kids in the past.

Ecommerce retailers can also use ecommerce sms to send out updates to individuals who may have asked when a product will be back in stock. These messages show customers that you’re paying attention to their needs and helps develop the relationship between the store and consumer.

Conversational Marketing

These types of SMS messages are generally one-to-one dialogues either between your consumer and a customer service or sales agent, or between your consumer and a dedicated bot. These are ideal for responding to product or service queries and to coordinate logistics, such as answering delivery questions or arranging for curbside pickup.

Consumers can also use these channels to reach out to ecommerce retailers to find out when something will be back in stock, learn about store policies, or arrange to return something that doesn’t fit.

Marketing Automations

Ecommerce retailers can create multiple marketing automations that are delivered to their entire subscriber list, segments of their lists, or individuals.

Common automations include abandoned cart recovery processes, sending messages to consumers who haven’t shopped online over a set time period, share new products, or send loyalty points and discount codes once customers reach predefined sales thresholds.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Reviews

When consumers finish shopping, send SMS messages asking if they were satisfied with their experience. Shoppers who answer no should receive a follow-up question asking how the e-retailer can improve the experience, while shoppers who had a positive experience should receive a request for a review and a link.


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