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Engage your audience for Valentine’s Day using mass SMS

February 8, 2021
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Love is in the air, but with much of the world still grappling with the global pandemic, this year’s Valentine’s season promises to be unlike any other. Rather than booking a table at a favorite restaurant or dancing the evening away at a club, many couples are planning on a quieter evening at home to celebrate their love.

While this may put a damper on a very popular evening that many couples spend on the town, it creates opportunities which can be promoted through the intimacy of mobile texting and a Valentine’s day SMS message.

Sweet smelling roses

Flower shops, jewelers, and gift shops can reach out to their customer base through SMS with offers of click-and-pick or touchless delivery. These mass messages can prime customers to place their orders, reminding them that even though they may not be going out for a night on the town, they can still delight their lover with fresh cut roses, or a new bracelet.

After the initial messages, stores can use conversational or 2-way messaging to coordinate pickup or arrange for delivery.

In addition to simply sending out messages, retailer’s can offer special discount codes, include a card, or find other ways to make their offer compelling and memorable.

Virtual Roses

Couples are looking for something to do at home this year, creating new opportunities for businesses to engage with some non-traditional Valentine’s Day fun. Bars can offer online mixology classes, generating sign-ups through SMS, and selling mixology kits to their customers.

Craft shops can offer scrapbook ideas, groceries can suggest homemade meals, and stationary stores can recommend an evening of love letter writing. These non-traditional Valentine’s day ideas can all be promoted through mass SMS throughout the week leading up to the big day and generate sales of products to bring these to fruition.

A special night with some special food

Customers may not want to sit in a crowded restaurant, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want an evening of delicious food. Restaurants can use SMS to promote their delivery or pick-up meals, using special Valentine’s Day menus and offers which they share directly to consumers using smart messaging software.

Restaurants can share their chef’s romantic music playlist over SMS, send out pictures of food, and offer suggestions on how to turn a home’s dining room table into an elegant, romantic evening for two.

There’s no limit

Businesses looking to capitalize on Valentine’s Day can create new, innovative ways to cash in on the big day. To learn more about how a Valentine’s Day Mass SMS campaign can help you create and promote an evening worth remembering for your customers, talk to one of our SMS messaging experts.