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Delivering Customer Service during COVID-19

May 17, 2020
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As smaller businesses reduce staff and shorten hours to cope with the sudden changes imposed by the coronavirus, many are looking for customer service solutions. Lacking the manpower needed to answer every customer question or request, they are increasingly turning to text messaging to ensure that their customers are taken care.

Fortunately, chatbots are robust enough to deliver basic customer service, and capable of passing customers off for human intervention when questions are beyond their capabilities.

Billing and Account Questions

Chatbots are perfect for helping customers understand their bill. Depending on the billing system being used, your chatbots will let customers know their outstanding balance and due date, provide recent payment information, and furnish PDF copies of invoices.

They can also be programmed to provide payment deadline extensions, and allow people to question items on the bill. Those items, which typically require human intervention, can be handed over to decision makers, who then respond within the published SLA timeframe.

Appointments and Reservations

Chatbots are also designed to take customer reservations and schedule appointments. Medical practices can use chatbots to both schedule and confirm appointments, as well as ask patients if they are experiencing any coronavirus-like symptoms before they come to the office. For those patients that are exhibiting symptoms, they can be directed to the right facility for treatment.

Meanwhile, hotels which are currently operating on limited with limited staff can take advantage of chatbots to handle reservations. Chatbots can help customers book rooms, reserve banquet halls, and plan vacations, as hotels prepare to return to business as usual.

Orders and Fulfillment Updates

When customers want to check on the status of their orders, chatbots are a great solution. They can be programmed to let customers know when orders have been processed and shipped, and can include links to tracking codes for additional delivery information.

When there are problems with an order, or delays of any kind, you can use chatbots to update customers, and allow them to modify their order when needed. Chatbots can help get payment information and verify shipping information, all which helps free up your staff to handle other pressing tasks.

Serving Throughout the Pandemic

Chatbots can help in numerous other ways, including helping customers locate information, learn more about products and services, and simplify interactions between customers and brands.

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