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Top Five Reasons for Ecommerce Stores to Send Text Messages

July 15, 2021
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Text messages are one of the most effective ways to reach customers. For ecommerce sites, sending out an an ecommerce SMS campaign is a great way to engage users, drive sales, and answer customer questions.

SMS is one of the most powerful communication tools available. It has a deliverability rate hovering around 100%, and 98% of those messages are opened. Clickthrough rates have been steady at 35%.

SMS is reliable because it doesn’t require internet connectivity or special applications, and is built into every mobile phone.

Here are 5 ways you should be using SMS to increase sales.

List Segmentation

Have some customers who like chocolate and others who love caramel? How about customers in sunny Florida and others in snow-covered Minnesota?

SMS messages make it easy to segment your mailing lists and share relevant offers to different groups. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-no-one marketing campaigns, and build relationships with customers who understand that you send offers that make sense.

Recover Abandoned Shopping Cart Sales

According to Statista, 88% of all online shopping carts were abandoned in March 2020. That’s a staggering number which ties up inventory.

SMS reminders can remind consumers that they left a full cart. These messages, which can range from simple reminders to offers designed to motivate sales, have shown up to a 45% recovery rate.

Engage Your Disengaged Customers

It may be inevitable that customers move on, but that’s no reason not to bring them back. Use SMS to remind customers of your offering. Birthday messages, anniversary greetings, and happy holiday notes can place you in front of your customers multiple times throughout the year.

Build Loyalty

Use SMS messages in your loyalty programs, alerting customers when they have earned points, or offering special discounts to loyal customers.

Send Shipping Notifications

Maintain your sales momentum with alerts to your customers when their orders have shipped. This helps keep you top of mind and helps drive future sales.

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity

SMS presents great opportunities for ecommerce brands to reach customers and grow their sales. Find out how MessageWhiz SMS marketing software can help you expand your presence into SMS.