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SMS Messaging Service: An Overview

Our full-featured enterprise SMS solution has all the tools you need to implement a mobile marketing strategy. It utilizes intelligent text message marketing software and enables you to efficiently communicate with your customers anywhere on the globe, with the most competitive rates. The proprietary best-of-breed routing solution and our own direct-to-carrier network directs your SMS traffic via the fastest and most secure route, avoids multiple hops for better security, and lowers latency. Our SMS Messaging service platform offers you both one-way and two-way connections, instant deliverability and complete control over your messaging traffic in real-time.

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Our product line offers an SMS messaging service with many of the advanced features that enterprises require, including flexible capacity, SMS short codes, 2-way messaging and real-time delivery reports.

Secure, more reliable communication: 256-bit encryption protects SMS data and maintains the privacy of sensitive communications, ensuring secure and reliable message transmission.

Bi-directional Unicode support: Support for multiple languages and different types of alphabets, as well as both right-to left and left-to-right texts.

Higher delivery and engagement rates: Proven system that delivers the right messages at the right time, based on strategic routing, timing, and post-send analysis.

Personalized Sender ID: Brand your messages by personalizing your Sender ID with the name of your business or specific promotion. 

Multi-tiered pricing model to manage costs: Simple, flexible pricing options allow you to pay-as-you-go, or benefit from volume discounts as your usage grows.

SMS Short Codes: Dedicated and shared short codes, significantly shorter than telephone numbers, are easily recognizable and are ideal for marketing campaigns.

Flexible capacity: Based on scalable IT infrastructure and a consumption-based model to support the growth of your messaging needs.

Bulk Text Messaging: Dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals for alerts, reminders, marketing and customer communication.

Delivery Reports: Get real-time business intelligence with clear reports that include delivery message status, delivery time, and error code in cases where the SMS was not delivered successfully. 

Message Queueing: Send high volumes of messages with a single API request, significantly cutting costs and overhead.

Long SMS Concatenation: Overcome character limits with automatic splitting and concatenation of long SMS messages.

Global Reach: International SMS to help your business increase its consumer reach, and improve your interactions with customers no matter where they are located.


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With 98% of all text messages read as opposed to only 22% of emails, this bulk SMS sender is an incredibly efficient way for enterprises to connect with their customers. As a global telecom operator, our platform gives you access to most of the 6 billion mobile users in the world.

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Increase your ROI through better engagement. Solidify customer relations, strengthen your brand recognition and increase sales by directing promotions and offers straight to your customer's mobile. A Two-way SMS Messaging service is ideal for social networking, events, appointment bookings, TV entertainment, voting, gaming, and surveys.

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Text Messaging Services with a Smile

Our text messaging service for business includes total transparency with easy-to-understand pricing and optimized message delivery, so you’ll never have to pay for undelivered messages. We also will help you clean up your customers’ details in your database and provide full reporting and analysis tools to accurately monitor your message delivery, engagement and conversion rates.