How do I get a mobile number list?

If you do not have a database of users with mobile numbers to whom you can send text messages there are a number of ways to build an effective mobile number list.

  • Convert emails to mobile numbers: Send users with whom you have a prior relationship, an email letter offering a special mobile benefit if they agree to receive it via their mobile phone. This could be a voucher for coffee and cake at a popular coffee chain, or a discount coupon for an item in your retail store, or a mobile loyalty club with exclusive benefits for mobile users.
  • Build a mobile list from scratch: If you do not have a prior relationship and email list, run promotions on channels that resonate with your target market to entice prospective customers to sign up for your product or services and provide their email address and mobile number. Consumers may be wary to provide their personal data, so think about incentives that will be attractive to them whose benefits will be convincing. It is also very important that you ask for their approval to receive messaging from your company, as using personal contacts without prior approval can have a negative impact on your customer relationships and business.
  • Purchase opted In database: A third but less recommended method is to purchase an opted in mobile list from a reputable database company that specializes in this. Make sure that these are properly filtered to match your targeted audience, and that they can provide documented proof that the users on the list have granted their approval to receive your messages.