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Use Case #2: Coupon Conversion

Description: Improved Engagement Leads to Higher Conversion Rates

Customer Need: A well-known entertainment and theme park operator sought to increase sales from the coupons that it was sending to its theme park visitors to use at its gift shops and restaurants. These coupons were sent to the visitors via email in the interim period between the online purchase of their admission tickets and their actual park entry. The company also sought to drive higher mobile app usage by visitors to the park especially by visitors who purchased their admission tickets at the park entrance.

The Actual Problems: Sales promotions or coupons which are sent devoid of the relevant context or far in advance of the redemption situation are often forgotten by the recipient, because they lack immediacy. Users do not see inherent value or reward from downloading and using an app which only has occasional benefit.

Our Solution: With our patented multi- channel campaign solution, campaigns are built that deliver complementary messages over multiple channels. Utilizing time and contextual data, we designed a campaign which sent an IVR voice message from the most popular character in the theme park approximately 20 minutes after the visitors entered the park, as a reminder to use the coupon that they had previously received. On site ticket purchasers were offered a similar mobile coupon upon downloading the app at the park entrance, and then also received the same IVR voice message reminder.

Tools Used:

  • Contextual Data Triggers
  • Multi- Channel Engagement Tool


  • Noticeable rise in sales from mobile coupons – Increased conversion by 21%
  • Onsite app downloads increased by >30%