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SMS Business Solutions: An Overview

Every day, 23 billion text messages circle the glove, making text messaging applications among the most widely used mobile apps. Businesses across all industries have tapped into the power of text message advertising and SMS marketing to enhance their customers’ experience, boost security, and simplify transactions.

MessageWhiz’s business SMS solutions are an ideal tool for those involved with financial services, travel, health, OTT messaging, gaming, retail, logistics, and more.

Our SMS marketing services, including bulk business SMS services, are an absolute must. Instant communication, in real-time, delivering messages in-context—just as your customers expect.

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Multiple Industries. One Bulk SMS Service Solution.

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Financial Services SMS Solutions

Secure business text messaging is used by banks, credit card authorities and lending institutions for time-sensitive communications including:

  • Automatically-generated text messages to verify account login details, one-time PIN authorizations, or account activity notifications
  • Real-time bulk SMS service and SMS alerts to aid in fraud prevention by immediately notifying customers of suspicious activity on their accounts, and enabling customers to message their financial institution to report a stolen card or suspected fraud
  • Two-way messaging to initiate a loan or credit card application, update the client about their loan status, or serve as a payment reminder.
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business sms service solution for travel industry

Text Message Advertising for the Travel Industry

To meet the on-the-go demands of travelers, a mass SMS messaging service is the simplest and most universal channel for travel and hospitality companies. It allows them to easily communicate with travelers, either as a complementary tool or in place of a mobile app.

Benefits include:

  • Sending last-minute deals, travel itineraries, e-tickets, flight time changes, and travel alerts
  • Providing convenience by enabling SMS check-in, lost baggage tracking, and hotel guest notifications, such as room readiness or spa availability
  • Offering a mobile concierge to guests by providing information and reservations for local area attractions, location-based promotions, coupons for services, or deals at local eateries
  • Delivering information-based services about local weather, currency exchange rates, and security alert
business sms service solution for medical and pharma industry

SMS Marketing Services for Healthcare

When real-time communication can mean the difference between life and death, taking a patient-centric approach with smart messaging is critical.

Best-use cases:

  • Physicians and clinical staff can receive updates on patients and send patient reminders and notifications about their diagnostic tests, lab results, prescription refills, and doctor appointments.
  • Healthcare providers can schedule shifts, issue emergency alerts, request maintenance, notify vendors about equipment failure, or order more supplies and kits
  • Improve provider-patient relationships, minimize costly missed appointments, and manage office or hospital staff
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OTT Text Messaging Advertising

Using smart messaging, OTT companies can optimize the customer verification process, while lowering costs.

Examples include:

  • Smart delivery and optimized routing hierarchy improves delivery success rates, filters out false numbers, and reduces the cost of sending undeliverable messages
  • Using smart engagement tools to re-connect with or send reminders to customers who have slower response rates
  • Optimize messaging, routing, and links with conversion optimization
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SMS Solutions for Gaming Companies

When the stakes are high, online gaming companies use business SMS solutions and text messaging for the ease and convenience that gamers want, while providing the security that gaming publishers need.

Best-use cases:

  • 2-factor authentication to protect users against spammers, scammers, and hackers
  • Customer retention campaigns, upsells for additional services, and customer relationship management
  • Promotion of online games to onboard new subscribers and increase user acquisition
business texting solution for retail and shopping industry

Bulk SMS Services for the Retail Sector

Both online and traditional brick-and-mortar retail companies use business SMS solutions to broadcast their message out to prospective or existing consumers, build brand awareness, and increase seasonal sales.

Some of the benefits of an advanced text messaging service for the retail business sector:

  • Incorporates time and contextual data to ensure that promotions, discounts, and reminders are sent at exactly the right time.
  • Enables real-time dialogue with customers to optimize customer engagement and generate more revenue through mobile opt-ins and timely sales promotions
  • Enhances brand recognition, increases loyalty program memberships, offers exclusive deals, and delivers customer satisfaction surveys.
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Logistics with SMS Marketing Services

In the transportation, logistics, and distribution industry, where real-time updates and clarity are key, smart messaging is used to increase efficiency and improve customer relationships.

Our solution can improve logistics companies by:

  • Sending order confirmations, tracking updates, and package delivery notifications to customers
  • Improving the operational efficiency of the supply chain by notifying warehouses of changes in pick-up or drop-off schedules, shipment delays, and delivery updates
  • Managing staff with 2-way SMS, by enabling dispatchers to broadcast new jobs to drivers, so they can quickly accept the job with a simple text reply