About NeuTrafiX

Benefits of Neatrafix SMS & Voice Integration

Neutrafix is a Digital Public Connectivity Exchange designed to meet your voice, SMS and Virtual Numbers needs. It’s the only public exchange that transparently connects Buyers and Sellers on a simple pay-as-you-go model.

Main features of the enterprise platform include:

-Market Views


-API Management

-Enhanced Dashboard

-Self-Service, Real-Time

-Easy Fund Transfers

-Direct Communication

-Customized Alerts


About our Integration

MMDSmart is integrated on Neutrafix as Vendor. You can find our offer for supreme SMS and Voice routes. You can directly see pricing per country for SMS and per MCCMNC for Voice services. Easily test our routes without integration work as everything is already integrated. You can contact us for any adjustments or special requests. With MMDSmart you can utilize our Numbers offer and add dedicated number as a dialer code or SenderID where you need it.

Just let us know which countries are in your interest and we’ll set it up quickly.
1. First step is to register on the Neutrafix platform on this link
2. After you’re registered you should search for MMD Smart in the search field and put specific
countries that you need service in.
3. Neutrafix platform work as a prepaid model and you should put the funds on your account in
order to start using the service.
4. Check the detailed tutorial/guideline on 
You can check video guides on Neutrafix Youtube channel: