Create conversations at every customer touchpoint

Omnichannel enables brands to seamlessly move across email, SMS and chat messenger applications, following their customer’s journey, while still engaging in the same conversation with the customer.

MessageWhiz facilitates conversational marketing across all channels to deliver a better customer journey. Customers never have to repeat themselves, leading to faster resolution times, a superior experience, and happier customers.

Want to leverage SMS for your business?
Omnichannel by MessageWhiz is Right for You
  • Win over digital natives with a superior customer experience
  • Engender loyalty by connecting on the channel customers prefer
  • Deliver rich communications and messaging for powerful engagements
  • Reduce customer service resolution times
A Better Customer Journey

Connecting with customers at the right customer touchpoint is a crucial element in today’s customer journey.

Your leads may start on a landing page, where they sign up for your customer newsletter. The newsletter which comes to their email can present an offer that they read about on their phone, and then they can discuss options with a sales rep through SMS, RCS, WhatsApp, or WeChat.

Use Cases
  • Realtime personalized chats with customers
  • Group chats, user groups, and customer support chats
  • Lead generation
  • Appointment reminders, and booking confirmations
  • Graphically enhanced texts ideal for upselling, retention, and re-targeting
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