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MessageWhiz is a mobile messaging application and business SMS service developed by MMDSmart, pioneers of smart messaging. It enables any organization to easily create, send, and monitor mobile messaging campaigns used for promotions, transactions, or as notification messages. The intuitive interface of MessageWhiz can be accessed using web or API.

With MessageWhiz you can:

     Create personalized SMS messages that engage your recipients;

     Send SMS immediately, at a precise date and time, or by a previously set event trigger;

     Manage a detailed phone book of recipients, senders, and unsubscribers;

     Keep a links library;

     Employ message templates;

     Monitor your statistics.


MessageWhiz distinguishes between two types of messages:

Single SMS: a message sent to one recipient.

Broadcast: a message sent to multiple recipients.


A message campaign at MessageWhiz is a set of SMS messages grouped under one campaign name. To send a message, you either create a new campaign or add your new message to a previously created campaign.


A text message advertising campaign can contain both single SMS messages and broadcast messages. Campaigns can be reviewed and edited at any time of your convenience.


Write a text

You can write the text of your message immediately before sending it, or save it as template for later use. A message template is a message saved at MessageWhiz that can be used as a base for a new message when you need to send the same content.


Messages can contain special variables, aka tokens, that help you personalize your SMS.

Last name and First name tokens use data from your contacts and enable you to add first and last names of recipients to the messages, so that each recipient receives a personalized message.

Random symbol token generates random numbers / letters. It is used, for example, for two-factor authentication.

URL token is used to enable the recipient to access web content.

Custom token is used to generate unique messages for each recipient.

Unsubscribe link token generates a link that can be followed to unsubscribe from your mailing list.

Choose recipients

Address up to 60000 recipients per message. You can import recipients and recipients lists from a file; they can be easily created, edited, and deleted.

Set a sender

sender is a number or ID that recipients see on their devices when they receive a message from you. You can pick a sender manually for each broadcast or create a list from which MessageWhiz will select a sender by random.

Pick a starting condition

Send messages immediately, pick date and time, or create an event trigger. Triggers can be used to create messages that are kept pending until a special link is clicked on. Clicking the link initiates sending process.


Manage the unsubscribers

Some people will opt out of receiving messages from you. Save them as lists and instruct MessageWhiz to exclude their numbers from your recipients lists to ensure that you don’t send unwanted messages and spend money on SMS that won’t be delivered.

An unsubscribers list consists of numbers of recipients that opted out of your broadcasts and numbers that you added to the list.

Estimate the cost of your SMS

MessageWhiz can automatically calculate the cost of your message campaign during the initial campaign creation. When you use tokens, the cost is approximate due to the fluctuating length of messages.

Manage Contact Lists

MessageWhiz provides a convenient, full-featured contacts interface via our text messaging software to help you manage thousands of recipients, senders, and unsubscribers, as well as multiple lists.



The MessageWhiz business sms service Dashboard provides detailed analysis of the performance of your SMS campaigns. Collect statistics from the easy to read charts, export detailed history, and monitor your success.



Maintain a library of links you embed in your messages and enjoy the option to shorten links automatically. Link shortening reduces the length of SMS, enabling you to use more characters in the actual content of your messages.


MessageWhiz will send your first trial campaign free of charge, and then you can purchase credits via PayPal, Bitcoin, or VISA/MasterCard.


Our messaging specialists are ready to answer your call or text 24/7.

More information about messaging solutions of MMDSmart can be found at www.messagewhiz.com