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New User Registration

Improved Delivery and Engagement Lead to Higher Conversion Rates

The Actual Problem:

For best results, the timing of business SMS messages must consider real-time context. Messages need to be personally relevant to the recipient especially if a higher level of “pain” is required from the customer.

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Coupon Conversion

Improved Engagement Leads to Higher Conversion Rates from Promotional SMS Campaigns

The Actual Problem:

Sales promotions or coupons which are sent either without context or too far in advance of the redemption situation are often forgotten by the recipient, because they lack immediacy. Users do not see inherent value or reward from downloading and using an app without an immediate benefits.

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OTT Messaging

Account Activation

Improved Delivery Leads to Higher Activation Rates

The Actual Problem:

Due to ineffective SMS platforms, a significant percentage of sent messages are not actually delivered to the intended recipients. Enterprises that initiate a messaging campaign are usually unaware of this, and often wonder why their messaging campaigns are not as effective as planned.