Messaging Analytics: Measuring Your Success

True digital marketing tracks every activity, allowing you to learn and build from successes, while avoiding repeating mistakes. MessageWhiz makes it easy to track and analyze your text message responses, so you know exactly how well your messages are performing.

1.Comprehensive Performance Stats

Your MessageWhiz dashboard shows you how many messages you’ve sent out, as well as your delivery rate, open rate, and click rate for optimal messaging analysis.

2.Traffic Analytics

Using embedded codes, we track customer behavior after they click on the link and move to your site. With Google Analytics configuration, we can follow the customer journey from the moment they arrive on your site, until they either make a purchase or leave the site.

3.A/B Testing

Want to see how different messages perform? Our platform allows you to test different versions of your messages with small sections of your audience, so you can ultimately deliver messages with the most powerful impact.