SMS Messaging and Your Landing Page


4 Tips for Creating a Successful SMS Campaign Landing Page

For many SMS campaigns, where you are trying to entice your audience to buy or download something on a landing page, there are two tiers of success. The first occurs within the text message app, and it’s pretty straightforward. Simply look at the number or percentage of people who clicked on your link. If the number reaches your goals, part one of your campaign was a success. 

However, businesses aren’t looking for clicks on their messages. They want conversions on their landing pages. Success on the landing page is sales, downloaded assets, appointments made, or any number of different activities. Which means that true success of your SMS campaign very often relies on the quality of your landing page and the customer experience. 

Here are four tips to ensure that your landing pages contribute to the success of your marketing campaign.

Speed First

Before you think about your headlines or landing page content, think about your webhost and web developer. Users have enough patience to wait 2 seconds for your page to load. Once you reach the four second mark, 25% of your traffic has already abandoned you. 

You can increase speed with a faster host, or by reducing the number of HTTP requests your page needs to make. If you are targeting an international audience, talk to your webhost about content delivery networks (CDN), which use local servers to deliver content all around the world. 

You can test your website speed using a number of online tools, including pingdom.

Mobile First World 

In an SMS campaign, your web traffic is almost entirely coming through a mobile device. If you’re relying on a responsive web site that contains the same information as your desktop version, you’ve already lost much of your audience. Mobile visitors browse differently than those on desktops. A ringing phone, interesting text message, or notification that a treat is ready in Candy Crush could be all it takes to pull users off your site. 

Messaging needs to be adapted for a mobile audience. Shorter text blocks and videos are the types of content pieces mobile users prefer. If you want to convert on mobile, you have to cater to your mobile audience. 

Aligned Content

Businesses all over the world struggle with this one. If your message offers a lodge ski vacation in Colorado, don’t send your audience to your home page with a dozen different lodge ski vacations that you are offering. 

Instead, create a dedicated landing page where your audience can quickly and easily find the information you promised. Your headline should mirror the offer in the SMS message, and the clickable assets should be limited to things like download a brochure or book your reservation.  

Ditch the Form – Go with the Chatbot

Forms are hard to navigate on mobile. Even mobile-friendly forms require users to click in and out of fields. Often times users click next to go into the next field and they aren’t sure what information needs to be added into the new field.

Chatbots, on the other hand, use mobile-friendly tools like chat to retrieve the same information. A chatbot can ask for a name, contact information, and purpose for your visit. The chatbot can then direct users to download an asset, or direct them to the information they want. 

SMS Campaigns are Part of a Bigger Program

At MessageWhiz we’ve always understood that your SMS marketing campaigns fit within a bigger marketing program. We've created an optimized SMS Text Messaging Service that converts customers. Talk to our SMS experts, and find out how SMS messages can deliver the marketing results that you need. 

Does SMS Marketing Work?


Does SMS Marketing Work?

Ensuring Your SMS Marketing Works

To the casual observer, SMS service providers seem very similar. For the most part, users go online, create an account, and connect a payment mechanism to their account. From there, they upload their phone list, and start sending out messages to their customers.

The customer is typically charged a set rate based on the number of messages sent and the location to where they are sending their messages. The system gives them a price, and when they click ‘Continue’, their credit card or PayPal account is charged, and their messages are sent out.

However, once they click send, the transaction is over between the service provider and the customer. The customer pays the same price regardless of how many messages don’t reach their intended target. The customer can see, through a number of different metrics in their Google analytics or dashboard, how successful they were, but the bottom line is that most SMS service providers don’t have any skin in the game, and don’t care whether or not your messaging efforts were successful.

Performance-Based Pricing

At MessageWhiz, we take a unique approach when we send out your text messages. While most SMS messaging providers base their pricing on the number of messages sent out, MessageWhiz stands behind its digital marketing tool, and offers an array of performance-based payment structures.

We empower our clients to tap into the power of SMS with risk-free and low-risk pricing models. The goals of our campaigns are as varied as the clients who undertake them, and payment is based on successful engagement, not the number of messages delivered. Our clients measure success by activated accounts, sales, downloads, link clicks, new subscribers, new customers, new leads or fraud reduction.

Think about it. Messages that aren’t read, don’t incur a charge. Messages that aren’t acted upon don’t incur a charge either. Depending on the payment model that you choose, you only pay for your successes.

Coming Full Circle

We asked in the title "if SMS marketing works". Truth be told, I couldn’t tell you if other SMS providers deliver results. But I can tell you that at MessageWhiz, our text message marketing team knows that if our clients don’t reach their goals, our company doesn’t get paid. And our company likes to get paid.

When text messages are strategic and deliver value to their recipients, they strike a chord. They get opened and acted upon. Links are clicked, software is installed, and customers engage. Like social media, SEO, PPC, and other measurable digital marketing tools, SMS consistently delivers results to our clients.

3 Ways to Implement Conversational Marketing on SMS


3 Ways to Implement Conversational Marketing on SMS

There’s nothing new about using conversations to move a customer through the marketing funnel or buying cycle. It’s the original sales tool. But what has changed is the channel of those conversations. Over the last hundred years it has shifted from in person to face-to-face meetings to phone calls, and now, SMS.

Conversational marketing helps guide your customers toward a sale on their pace and terms. It makes it easy to gather information, qualify customers, and provide needed support. 

Filling Out Forms 

Mobile devices are less than ideal for filling out forms. The fields are small, and when users touch a field to type, the keyboard covers up half the screen. It’s easy for users to lose sight of the requested information as they move from one field to the next. 

Conversational marketing transforms the form-filling experience. Rather than trying to key information into a form, a chatbot on SMS can get the same information from the customer. Using a text-messaging application, that chatbot can conversationally ask for users’ names, email addresses, contact information, and whatever other information the form needs. It’s easier on users, who can provide the required information through a more comfortable SMS window. 

Businesses can easily add a button to their forms, giving customers the option to fill out a form online or via text message. 

Qualifying Customers

Implementing chat and one-to-one conversations with mobile visitors to your site simplifies site navigation and helps direct your customers to the information they need. By offering SMS chat and asking a few key questions, you can improve your user’s online experience. 

A law firm can ask its web traffic what kind of attorney they are looking for, while an advertising agency can ask questions about industry or budget. With those answers, the bot can direct individuals to the right place on the website.

Improve Customer Support

Customers calling support aren’t interested in waiting on the phone until the next available representative is available. They have a problem, and they’re looking for a solution. 

Fortunately, SMS can create a two-way conversation, where a customer engages a chatbot asking for support. Depending on the complexity of the issue, chatbots can either resolve the issue or pass the messaging on to a service technician to handle the problem. 

For example, a restaurant might have an SMS chatbot capable of handling reservations or answering basic questions about the menu. However, if a complicated question comes up about food allergies or handicap accessibility, the chatbot can pass the conversation over to a manager. The manager can quickly read through the conversation, saving the consumer the trouble of repeating everything, and provide the answers the customer needs. 

Adding Conversational Marketing to Your Marketing Mix

Adding conversational SMS tools to your marketing mix can help you engage with customers, and deliver a higher, faster level of customer service. As a leading text messaging service provider, Message Whiz provide a business sms solution that converts customers. Get in touch with our team of SMS marketers to see how you can integrate conversations into your marketing mix.  

Growing your Phone List


Growing your SMS Marketing campaign Phone List

The best SMS marketing campaign ever imagined won’t deliver much of an impact if your phone list is too small. Let’s face it, all lists start out small. So how can you, as a restaurant owner, travel agent, or retailer build up a list that delivers the traffic you need to succeed?

Here are four ways our experts recommend so you can generate more names and numbers for your SMS campaigns.

Go Social

If you’ve got any social media presence, use those channels to cross-promote your SMS offers to your followers. Create Facebook posts, tweets, and LinkedIn posts where you promise something of value to any followers who text an opt-in keyword to you. 

The key here is offering something of value. It can be a discount code, special sale offer, or free side of fries with purchase. 

For your post, create an image showing the offer, alongside the number they need to text to receive the offer. The better the offer, the more shareable it will be, making it more likely to get attention from your audience. 

Run a Contest

Create a quick SMS contest, where entrants can win a prize by sending you an SMS, or by filling out a form and including a phone number. 

Be sure that the prize is relevant to your business. For example, if you’re a travel agent make sure that the prize relates to travel. If you give away an iPhone, you may get a really great response, but many of those people might not be interested in travel. However, if you offer a lightweight 4-piece luggage set, you’ll fill your list with individuals who are ready to fly and see the world. 

Email Your List

If you’ve already developed an email list, add some CTAs for your new phone list in your next newsletter. Present the service as a VIP SMS list, where your customers can get limited time offers and exclusive SMS offers if they sign up. 

There is real value in having your customers on both email and SMS lists. SMS messages are more likely to be read than emails, so by encouraging your customers to opt in to your phone list, you’ve increased the likelihood that they will see your messages. 

Check Out Time

For online customers, add a pop-up box or opt-in check box at checkout. If your customers valued the service they received from you, they’ll be happy to give you their number, and continue patronizing your store.

Brick-and-mortar stores can also collect numbers at the point-of-sale (POS). For those with advanced POS systems, they can ask consumers for their mobile number during check out. Stores with older POS systems can simply have a sign-up sheet, or a sign encouraging users to send an SMS for future store discounts. 

Successful Campaigns

Successful campaigns have a large audience and deliver value to customers. 

Message Whiz offer a business sms solution that converts customers. 

Contact our team of SMS experts to see how MessageWhiz can help your campaigns grow.