Logistic Companies Can Use SMS Messages to Protect the Environment


Logistic Companies Can Use SMS Messages to Protect the Environment

The logistics and delivery industries contribute to environmental decay by burning fuel, polluting the air, and emitting enough carbon dioxide to be a significant contributor to global warming. Effective use of text messaging services by logistics and delivery companies can reduce the environmental footprint produced by these companies.

Fewer Miles on the Road

Transporting and delivering packages poses a significant challenge to delivery companies. When customers aren’t home, delivery trucks need to return to the same address multiple times. All that extra mileage increases delivery costs while adding to the strain on the environment.

Two-way text messaging between delivery companies and package recipients can ensure that the recipient is home the first time or provide an alternate address for the package to be delivered. Delivery companies can even create triggers that give a 15-minute SMS “heads up” before the truck arrives.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Supply chain delays cause havoc to logistic companies. A minor mishap at a port can cause delays to delivery trucks, warehouses, distribution centers. Those delays leave trucks idling, and warehouses running extended hours.

An effective SMS text service can notify drivers and warehouse workers when things are running behind, allowing them to find more efficient and environmentally-friendly ways to deal with the changes in their pick-up and drop-off schedules.

Staying Out of Traffic

Poor routing increases the amount of time delivery trucks stay on the road, which contributes to environmental damage. However, even perfectly plotted routes are impacted by unexpected traffic events.  

Effective 2-way SMS communication between the dispatcher and driver can help the driver find better routes on the fly and reduce the amount of time spent idling on the road.

Better Logistics

Using SMS tools allows logistics companies to improve efficiency while reducing the strain they put on the environment. Talk to our helpful professionals to learn more ways text messages can help improve the way you do business.